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Culture Talk with Rev. CJ Conner

May 17, 2018

Chris Conner grew up in Chicago.  There was hope there back then, but something snapped about 15 or so years ago and the beautiful city has never recovered.  In fact, it has become a hideous place where thousands are shot each year in black-on-black crime.

Childish Gambino, whose real name is Donny Glover, the Son of Danny Glover released a single and video called "This is America."  Set in Chicago, Illinois it presents the dystopia that a once amazing city has descended into.

The imagery is haunting and people from every side have been dissecting the video and the disturbing and challenging imagery.

One thing for certain, Glover has captured both the angst and culture of Chicago today.

Kanye West is from Chicago and grew up in the Chicago area when inspiration, achievement, and overcoming difficult odds were built into our DNA- no matter what color our skin.  That culture of hope is dead today, giving way to victimhood, blame, hatred, and death.

Both men, Donny Glover and Kanye West, grew up in privileged homes.  Both are brilliant.  Both are true to themselves.  Both are successful.  

Both are Black.  In America.